Journalists will not become redundant

Journalists have feared for their jobs as social media and the growth of technology enables almost anyone to create content and distribute it. Does this mean that formal training for journalists have become redundant?

Academics and journalists have questioned whether journalists as we know them will become redundant as anyone with a smart phone can now record something and post it – as if they were a journalist. However Teagan Bester argues that journalists are still required to have formal training as it is important to understand legal aspects of journalism. For example, journalists cannot show an accused persons identity as it could jeopardize their case.

There is more access to equipment – as almost everyone has smart phones and can now record and create content. Despite this, it requires formal training to know how to record sound and video because it’s important to know where to record and how to record in order to get usable and good media.

Bester also believes that rules surrounding content should be enforced. Social Media platforms already states that as you are creating content and putting it out into the world – it requires the person to adhere to specific laws surrounding it such as protecting children’s identity.

Formal training ensures that the journalist understands the legalities surrounding posting and reporting on news. This will additionally enforce legitimate and credible news. Image-1

Are Journalists becoming redundant?

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