Trains are becoming South Africa’s new way to travel

Minister Blade Nzimande spoke on 8 October about South Africa’s efforts to uplift our public transport system. Currently, the majority of South Africans make use of mini-bus taxis – however, they are notorious for breaking the law of the road and are often in severe accidents.
Nzimande says that the aim of the Department of transportation is to alleviate the number of road accidents that happen daily. Additionally, he states that taxi owners do not need to worry about losing their jobs as they will all become shareholders in the railway.
The government is committed to investing in the railway and in trains as it will benefit South Africans. Nzimande himself says he used a train the morning of his speech. He has declared the 2018 transport month to focus on trains.
Its very easy to catch taxi drivers breaking the law – watch the video in the link below. Two taxi’s skip traffic by driving in the emergency lane. Trains will alleviate this severe issue.

Taxi driver breaking the law

Taxi driver in the emergency lane
People waiting for taxi’s early in the morning on Peter Road

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