Fights break out on Monash campus


Two separate fights have broken out on Monash’s campus, both within the same month and both were about a girl. The first fight which occurred at the Village student accommodation just next to Monash’s campus, which involved two men and a woman. The men were allegedly fighting about the woman as she was seen in the car by her boyfriend with another man. The boyfriend proceeded to attack the other visitor, and later golf clubs were even used.

The Village dealt with the fight timelessly, and appropriately banning the visitors who got involved in the fight as well as giving final warnings to the residents involved.

The second fight broke out in the library, which again was about a girl. The girl, who was a foundation student, had gotten involved with an honours student who then assaulted her friend. The fight quickly escalated to extreme measures, where it took multiple security guards to try and break up the fight. It ultimately looks like no severe action was taken as the honours student, who initiated the physical fight, was seen laughing in the library just a few days after the event.

Jaco Holler – the operations manager at The Village and Buuya Simz – a first-year student who lives in the Village speak about the incidents.